Praise from prestigious Kirkus Reviews

“A captivating…tale that provokes thought about the uses and misuses of face reading and technology.”


“Witty…insightful… takes the constant presence of faces to a new level of public awareness…so we look at television, advertising, cinema, even the tabloids, with deeper understanding of the human drama.”

Thomas Bird, former NYC broadcast General Manager (WNCN).

Fun read… Dashiell Hammett meets Robin Cook in this fast-paced, character-driven techno-thriller…explodes with ideas on the real and potential impact of the new science of facial analysis.”

Richard Dery, Brookdale (NJ) College Literature Professor

“Written from the cutting edge of the latest face reading technology, the author deftly maneuvers his characters through a minefield that has them trading blows with Chinese gangs, while matching wits with MSS and CIA secret agents and the inscrutable tech guru Ma….Faces Tell All is an engaging and thought-provoking read, offering chilling insights into rapidly evolving, invasive technologies that may form the core of future warfare.”

Bruce Ferguson, Monmouth County (NJ) Writers Guild.

“Dr. Philip Wolfson has taken the human face as signifier of emotional life, expressiveness and value and turned it into amazing sci-fi adventure. His fiction is more than a romp through imagined possibility. It brings to life potential worlds, multi-dimensional tours and wonders of experience.”

Michael Eigen, PhD., psychologist and author of Contact with the Depths, Feeling Matters, and other works

“Philip Wolfson weaves his engrossing spy mystery around the exponential growth of AI technology …beyond sci-fi, many of the concepts presented, before you realize, will be fully implemented within social media and robotics.”

T. H. Lloyd, MCSc., former CEO of LCI Digital Forensics.